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Memorial   -   Ronald Bennett

BENNETT Ronald William 23.11.32 - 11.11.10 A much loved Dad, Grandad and Great Grandad. Although we smile and make no fuss, no one misses you more than us. And when old times we often recall, that's when we miss you most of all. Love from all the family xxxxx
Originally printed on November 9, 2012.
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Nearly that time again

Time is creeping up on us again Dad another anniversary nearly here. xxxxxx God only knows how much you have broken my heart xxxx Not a day goes by that i dont talk about you to my big family at work xxx they all know you now lol xxx will speak soon love you with all my heart xxxx Bridget By Bridget Woodhams on 06 Nov 2013

Miss You

Well dad as you can see he back to the old old ways again so he is. So not the same with you not here beside us xxxx But how we so respected you and still do xxx I know you will be looking down on my Robbie boy and you will look after him xxx as i find it so hard to watch over him by myself xxx it heartbreaking to see him in so much agony, but i dont have to tell you whats going on do i xxx love and miss you so much my dear Dad xxx love Bridget Robert and your Chlo bo xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 25 Sep 2013

Still so raw for us xxx

Well Dad as you can see we all mucking in for our Lou Lou xx bless her xx I still miss you more than ever and am not ashamed to say this xxx others may move on but to me you are still so special love you always my darling Dad xxxxx from Bridget xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 15 Aug 2013

Missing you

Well another day and another dollar Dad thankyou for looking down on us.One of them days today i'm afraid but hey ho, i'm not ashamed of missing you still so much. You were my rock and always will be, and i know you will be up there looking down on us your children and grandchildren and trying to keep us safe, and i know you will be looking down on Robby boy for me xxxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 25 Jun 2013

Sorry its late

Hello Popsy sorry its late but this website is useless wouldnt let me on here yesterday on such a special day. Well i expect you know all the ins and outs and the massive problems we having xxx but nothing will ever stop us loving and missing you xxx Chlo bo sends her love she misses you so much Dad xxxx All the problems she has and she still smiling through bless her xxxx. So nice to see you are around us all the time xx still you will be after being pushed out your house bless ya, love you so much and i will never ever betray you xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 17 Jun 2013

My Dad My World

Well Dad Robs results were brilliant as you probably know anyway still missing you so much, please look on and help chlo bo as she going through a really rough time at moment.She just needs a bit of understanding and hopefully she will be ok.Loving you loads as always xxxx i will never let you down you are still mine robs and chlo bo's world xxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 06 Feb 2013

Chlo bo Birthday

To my darling Dad, just a couple of days till chlo's birthday, which we know thats where you will be.She has been a bit unsettled as of late but you would know that anyway as no-one new her like you did. You understood her so well i think this is where you know why she is unsettled as she feels so let down that you have been forgotten by some. She really cant understand and i know you have been trying to reach out to her and i thank you so much for that. We will be thinking of you on Chlo bo's Birthday and as we do in our hearts everyday love you so much xxxxx in my heart continuos xxxxx Bridget xx By Bridget Woodhams on 20 Dec 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy 80th Dad what we would of given for you to be here with us to celebrate this special day love you so much Bridget Rob Chlo bo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 23 Nov 2012

On the move

Thank you Well dad nice to see you've had a good look round the house lol xx Well shocked our Rie Rie she nearly fell down the stairs lol.Things quite tough at the moment but i know you can see that. My love for you will never change and i cant help the way i feel, and how strongly i feel and thank you so much for letting me know you understand xxxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 20 Nov 2012

Nearly here

Well just a few days Dad and it will be your 80th hope you going to celebrate well up there, Beer and a Bet lol . By Bridget Woodhams on 20 Nov 2012

2 Years Ago

Still missing you as if it was yesterday Dad, we talk about you every single day, you are never far from our thoughts, what we would give to hear you say three rings mate xxxxxxxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 11 Nov 2012

Missing You

Missing you so much xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 09 Nov 2012

Our sympathy

Please accept our condolences at this difficult time. By Kent Online on 09 Nov 2012
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Respect My Dad xxx
25 Sep 2013
We still love you Dad xxxxxx
15 Aug 2013
love you Dad xx
19 Jun 2013
love you always xxx
17 Jun 2013
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