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Obituary   -   Ronald Bennett

BENNETT Ronald formerly of East Malling Passed away peacefully at home with his family On November 11, 2010 Aged 77. Dearly loved husband, dad, grandad and great-grandad. I stood beside your bedside, My heart was sad and sore, I tended you with every care, ?Till I could do no more. With tearful eyes, I watched you go, Upon your lonely way, Although I loved you dearly, I could not make you stay. A heart as good as gold, No-one knew how much you suffered, Because you never told. Funeral service to take place at Medway Crematorium at 10.00am on Tuesday November 23, 2010. Family flowers only. Donations please to Pilgrims Hospice, Ashford c/o Viner & Sons Ltd., 54 High Street, West Malling ME19 6LU. Tel 01732 842485. Family and friends are respectfully invited and afterwards at West Malling Town Club.
Originally printed on November 19, 2010.
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Such a long year this one Dad x missing you like crazy, heartache never seems to go away at the moment. Thank you for looking down on Rob for me xxxx Love you always x Bridget xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 22 Jul 2014

Merry Christmas

Missing you more than words will ever say love you lots popsy xxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 26 Dec 2013

Another Year 2013

Thinking of you as always, hoping you've got someone up there looking after you as i expect Nan Bennett will be xxx Just thought i'd let you know we all good here, thankyou for looking over Chlo Bo Dad xxx She certainly needs it at the moment her head is really messed up but hopefully not for long xxxxx Just makes me feel so much better talking to you, love you always xxxxxxxx Bridget xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 06 Feb 2013

Merry Christmas Popsy

Thinking of you today Dad on this Christmas morning loving you lots as always xxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 25 Dec 2012


Thinking of you today Dad and knowing you will be absolutely devastated xxxxxx love Bridget By Bridget Woodhams on 22 Dec 2012

How things have changed x

Well Dad the time is fast approaching 2 years since my world fell apart. Sometimes it is so lonely sitting here thinking of you and wishing you were right next to me. I could still quite easily cry everyday and most days i do x. Well your garden isnt done yet which is a shame as i was looking forward to sitting quietly with you and telling you all the news but never mind xx Paul is coming down Sunday on your special day to be with us. I sit here sometimes and for the life of me cannot understand. xx . Loving you always DAD xxx your loving Daughter Bridget xxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 06 Nov 2012

The saga of the fingers lol

Well Dad i bet you was up there laughing at all the girls this week. two hospital trips and one nearly, bless them. I dare say you up there having a good chin wag with uncle jim at least you got some good company with you xx Still missing you as much today as i did when you first left us loving you always forgetting you never xxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 06 Oct 2012

At A Loss

Hi popsy just sitting here playing on the computer thinking about you and how awful it is without you. God it is so bad some days i just sit and cry and cry. You dont realise how your life is turned upside down, your mind just wanders and you dont even realise people are talking to you sometimes xx Hope you liking the garden x It certainly looking different and your little pergola is looking fantastic cant wait for it to be finished love you lots and lots DAD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your loving daughter Bridget xxxxxxxxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 16 Sep 2012

Fathers Day

Missing you so much on this very special day love you xxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 17 Jun 2012

Missing You

Well nearly the second Fathers day without you,been a really tough year this year. I miss our photography and little chats and i havent even bought another camera since lol that saved rob some money x.Well looks like you've taken up residence at Rie Rie's house lol, she takes it in her stride bless her.Speak to you tomorrow love you lots xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 16 Jun 2012

Thank you

Well dad nice to see you've had a good look round the house lol xx Well shocked our Rie Rie she nearly fell down the stairs lol.Things quite tough at the moment but i know you can see that. My love for you will never change and i cant help the way i feel, and how strongly i feel and thank you so much for letting me know you understand xxxxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 20 Mar 2012

Missing you more than words can say

Still at a loss dad. It very hard to come to terms with losing you even though it now 16 months it still feels like yesterday. Hope you like Rie Rie's new house, we busy trying to get it a bit nice for her to move in, she getting a bit up tight though bless her, speak soon love you xxx Bridget xx By Bridget Woodhams on 13 Mar 2012

Thinking of you as always Dad xx

Still missing you so much loving you always xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 07 Feb 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Heres hoping you can have a beer and bet up there popsy loving you lots and lots xxxxx Bridget Robert and Chloe By Bridget Woodhams on 23 Nov 2011

1st Anniversary

our dad/grandad kept a garden a garden of the heart, he planted all the good things that gave our lives there start, he turned us to the sunshine and encouraged us to dream, fostering and nurturing the seeds of self esteem, and when the winds and rain came he protected us enough, but not too much because he knew we would stand up strong and tough. love and miss you more each day day love Bridget Robert and Chloe xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 11 Nov 2011

Church Service

This will make you laugh dad we all going to church today. Mum says Jim the vicar must know the size of the family so he will be rubbing his hands together or should we say collection plates lol. Well nearly a year now and it still seems like yesterday missing you so so much xxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 06 Nov 2011

miss you

i miss you so much grandad and wish you could be here with us still and to meet my little man By marie batson on 19 Oct 2011

Missing You

It been a rough old week this week dad xxx, not the same now not being able to talk to you xxx. Chloe enjoying her new school, growing up too quick still thinking she eighteen lol. Missing you as much as the day you passed love you always xxxxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 21 Sep 2011

My Birthday xx

Well what a really strange day dad xx hope you caught the balloons we sent up to you lol. Cant remember having a birthday where you didnt sing to me xxx miss you so much xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 03 Aug 2011

Missing you so xxx

Well dad the little bugger taking his time lol.As usual everyday we are thinking of you and missing you just the same as day one.If love could have brought you back, you would have been back here with us long ago.xxxx Love you lots xxx Bridget xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 09 Jul 2011

Love you xx

Well dad the roof getting done at long last. I bet you had a giggle at us on sunday trying to light the lanterns again lol.I think the whole of bluebell hill was laughing at us. Look after chloe for us this week bless her. xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 21 Jun 2011


Wow! never thought it would hit me this bad! How I miss you xx Hopefully one day I will get to tell you how much! Forever in my thoughts. Love always,Paul xxxx By Pauline Bennett on 19 Jun 2011

Grandad Day

Well its the first grandad day(fathers day) without you opening your pressies and saying "lovely mate" to us all. We going to send some lanterns up to u later with so much love, hugs and kisses. Just to let u know we love u so much and miss u so much too on this special day, but not just today grandad every day we think of u and look at your picture and smile at u the very special man we call our grandad x x x x x x x x x x x x x x love all us girls x x x x x x x x By debbie on 19 Jun 2011

Fathers Day

Still missing you so much,love you always xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 18 Jun 2011

Missing you Pops

A Dad's love is special A gift beyond compare You only know the reason When he is no longer there A special time A special face A special Dad I cannot replace With an aching heart I whisper low I love you Dad And miss you so xxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 09 Jun 2011


June is here dad all the flowers are looking lovely, mum doing the lawns, bet your up there being very critical lol xxx love you lots xxx Bridget Robert and Chloe xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 04 Jun 2011


Well dad another trip to devon,mum looked after dogs lol and let them eat half the house lol. Still missing you like crazy xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 16 Apr 2011


We are all missing you so much x x Love you Grandad x x x By debbie on 19 Mar 2011

Miss You

Well dad nearing the end of march already,still missing you like crazy xx Rob going on his own, wonder what you would say to that lol xx loving you lots xxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 18 Mar 2011

Its A Boy

Well Dad this will be a first Rie expecting a boy lol how strange will that be,for my girls anyway xxx still missing you as if it were yesterday xxxx didnt think it would be this hard love you lots xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 31 Jan 2011

Thinking of you

Its only been just over 2 months and there is not a day goes by when I don't think of you. Miss you so much. We all do. Long for the day when we can talk football again. Love you. Paul xxxxxxxxxxxx By Pauline Bennett on 27 Jan 2011


Well Dad the start of a New Year without you, love you lots xxxx Love Bridget Robert and Chloe xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 01 Jan 2011

New Years Eve

Have a drink for us Dad xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 31 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas Popsy

Miss you Dad xxx Our first Christmas without you, Love you so By Bridget Woodhams on 25 Dec 2010

Chloe's Birthday

Chloe so missed you singing to her today Dad. By Bridget Woodhams on 23 Dec 2010

My Dad xxxx

Four weeks today dad since you were free from pain xxx.Only seems like yesterday.Missing you xxxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 09 Dec 2010

Another week xx

Well dad you will be up there laughing at the whole country coming to a stand still because of a bit of snow. Another week gone by and still seems like you only left us yesterday.Everyone says it gets easier with time we'll see xx - Was watching you dancing yesterday in your hospital bed,how great that was, you had us all in stitches lol xx missing you xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 01 Dec 2010

My Precious Dad x

Came to see you today popsy, how i've missed you and your cheeky grin xxx here is your poem chloe wrote for you xxx if kisses were raindrops i'd send you a shower,if hugs were minutes i'd send you an hour,if smiles were waves i'd send you a sea,if love was a person i'd send you By Bridget Woodhams on 21 Nov 2010

To My Amazing Brother RON

A man with warmth, love and compassion. He always had time for anyone, whether it be a life long friend or a stranger in the street His sense of humour and laid back approach to life made him someone to admire and respect. I will never forget you brother and always keep you in my heart.
Love always your baby brother Bill.
(Life is but a stopping place, A pause in what's to be, A resting place along the road,to sweet eternity.)

By Bill Bennett on 21 Nov 2010

Brother Ron

I will miss you lots Ron and your saucey smile Rest In Peace dear brother
Ruth By joan o'donnell on 20 Nov 2010

My brother

We wiill miss you Ron
released from your suffering
rest in peace By joan o'donnell on 19 Nov 2010

Brother Ron

Will be forever missed
Rest in peace
Joan jim and terry xx By joan o'donnell on 19 Nov 2010

Our amazing Grandad

Grandad Beer
You did not die you just passed away,
we'll meet again some other day.

We love you dearly and miss you so much
love Lou Lou Dave Daniele and Phoebe xxxx By louise last on 19 Nov 2010


Truly a most wonderful, funny, kind, fantastic man. I am so proud to be your son. I love and miss you so much. Paul xx By Paul Bennett on 19 Nov 2010

Obituary - Ronald Bennett

When I first met you, your opening words were, " Hello mate, want a cuppa. " From that moment on you welcomed me into your home and your heart. You were the most wonderful father in law and I am honoured to have met you and had you in my life, if only for three short years.
Through you I am blessed because I have your son Paul who is the most fantastic husband, he takes after you in so many ways and mannerisms and his son Red who has inherited your football skills and talent but not the Everton gene !
Dad, you are in a better place now, free from pain and suffering. Rest in peace.

Love from Pauline
By Pauline Bennett on 19 Nov 2010

Brother Ron

Will miss our chats on the phone .
You will suffer no more pain,Rest In Peace.
All our love Sheila Bob & family(Australia) By Sheila & Bob Marchant on 19 Nov 2010


we love u and miss u so much grandad. you are always in our hearts and we will never forget u. xxx By marie batson on 19 Nov 2010


We wish you were here,as this was our worst fear,we miss you everyday in every special way.You was an amazing Grandad and we will miss you, you will be in our hearts and we will never forget you. Love You Lauren,Natalia(lofty),Katalina x x x x By debbie on 19 Nov 2010


You will always be in our hearts and thoughts Grandad, miss you x x x x Debbie & Javi x x x By debbie on 19 Nov 2010

Thankyou for treating me like a son xx love you Robert xxx By Bridget Woodhams on 19 Nov 2010


I love you grandad and i miss you so much.Goodnight my MATE xxxxxxxxxxx love you from Chloe xxxx By Bridget Woodhams on 19 Nov 2010


Miss you so much. Love you always xx Bridget By Bridget Woodhams on 19 Nov 2010

Our sympathy

Please accept our condolences at this difficult time. By Kent Online on 19 Nov 2010
Picture Gifts
Missing you today as much as yesterday xx
6 Feb 2013
Missing you Popsy xxxxx
6 Nov 2012
missing you on your first anniversary dad xx
11 Nov 2011
missing you xxxx
6 Nov 2011
love you lots dad xxx
3 Aug 2011
Love you lots Dad xxxx
19 Jun 2011
10 Jun 2011
bridget xxx
5 May 2011
missing you dearly grandad x x x debs
19 Mar 2011
bridget xxx
18 Mar 2011
robert woodhams
18 Mar 2011
love you dad xxx
1 Jan 2011
bridget woodhams
25 Dec 2010
candy grandad xxxx
23 Nov 2010
23 Nov 2010
Love you grandad xxxx
23 Nov 2010
Happy Birthday Dad xxxxx
23 Nov 2010
lyn xx
21 Nov 2010
Love from your Baby Brother Bill x
21 Nov 2010
Love Your Baby Brother Bill x
21 Nov 2010
lauren,natalia,katalina x x x
20 Nov 2010
19 Nov 2010
lou dave & girls
19 Nov 2010
19 Nov 2010
19 Nov 2010
joan jim terry
19 Nov 2010
rie, denis and girls
19 Nov 2010
19 Nov 2010
Love Robert xxx
19 Nov 2010
love you chloe xxxx
19 Nov 2010
19 Nov 2010
one naughty little pup xx
one naughty little pup xx
one naughty little pup xx
Robs car xx
Damon our first little boy xxx
Two Amazing guys xxxx
The terrible two
two of my three favourite men
sand castles
Love you Grandad - Red xxx
My Amazing Dad  xxx
my wonderful grandad
my wonderful grandad
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