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Obituary   -   Charlotte West

WEST Charlotte Jane 'Loulou' Peacefully on October 20, 2009 aged 13 years. Beloved daughter of Sharon and Wayne and loving sister of Chantelle and Darren. Funeral service at Demelza House Children's Hospice, today Friday October 30, 2009 at 2.15pm. Please wear something red. Family flowers only please. Donations, if wished, are to benefit either Demelza House Children's Hospice or RCDP Research.
Originally printed on October 30, 2009.
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missing you

Dearest Lou-Lou, miss you more each day, as the days go into months and te months go in to years it seems hard to accept we willnever see ou again. I had a dream tht you was with me last night and it was so lovely, i hope you are with me in spirit. love you sweetpea lots of hugs from Auntie Claire xx By claire chapman on 13 Nov 2012

missing you

Dearest Lou,
A year has passed since you left us, I miss you more every day. its hard trying to be strong but when i close my eyes i can see you smiling happy face which encourages me to stay strong. We had a lovely day remember ing you and doing all the things you liked, like nottcutts and fireworks. i hope you cought the lanturns and balloon we sent up to you.
My mum dad and brother miss you so much too, i know they are still very sad about you not being here as we all are.
big hugs pumpkin draws
Auntie Claire x x By claire chapman on 22 Oct 2010


Dearest Lou Lou it's been almost a year since you were taken away from me, your face and laughter is still strong in my mind and heart sweetpea. I hope you have caught all the balloons that have been sent for you over the past months and you are sharing them with you're new friends. Your scent still lingers around those you were close to. You're big sister has done well and managed to get her placement in college and is hoping to look after poorly children in the future and trying to make their lives a little easier. Mummy is proud of you both sweetpea you and you're sister have really done well in everything you have ever done. Telle has now got 2 new kittens what a pain they can be, She is still with Matt, and they both are forever talking about you and send you all their love. Mummy has to go for now sweetpea but i am always thinking of you, you still sit in my room as close as i can be to you until we are together again. LOVE YOU NOW AND ALWAYS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX MUMMY By sharon on 05 Sep 2010


Dearest Lou-Lou I'm missing you my angel not one day has gone passed where i have not shed a tear.But then i have had really fond and happy memories come accross my mind which then give me a pleasurable feeling and i can smile again for just a while.You're cheeky chuckle still rings through my head and OH how i miss that so much.I really hope that you hve now found many friends to play with and are free to run and jump about. You're big sister helped put the christmas tree up just the way you would have liked it, there are 2 additions to it this year, your star and a snow globe with you're name in it sweetpea.Mummy loves you very much sweetpea and you will always be in my heart and mind, i will never ever forget you. You make sure you are happy and you spread happiness to all the other Angels in Heaven.


To my dearest Loppy lou-lou,
I am so glad to have had you in my life. you will live forever in my heart my sweet pumpkin, Auntie Claire is forver greatful to you for all the fun we had. my little star may you go and shine brightly with the real Lauras star. Love you forever,
A heartbroken Auntie Claire xxxx By claire chapman on 02 Nov 2009

Our sympathy

Please accept our condolences at this difficult time. By Kent Online on 30 Oct 2009
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19 Nov 2009
claire chapman
18 Nov 2009
claire chapman
2 Nov 2009
Mummy & Auntie Claires attempt of a snowgirl for you sweetpea. I know you will be laughing
Lou Lou and big sister Chantelle
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